Legal Services

Legal supporting in real estate deals

In order to be sure of the legality the deal and to obtain insurance in absence the risk in future of contesting realized deal, it is necessary to attract highly qualified lawyers.

Our partners are highly skilled professionals with years of experience will prepare the legal basis for making the contract, provide full legal support, any consultations, presentation of your interests during negotiations, developing and preparing all necessary documentation, and also payment of taxes and fees, registration. Throughout the transaction procedure you will feel superior support professional, you can rely on.

After a comprehensive collection of information about the seller, the object of the real estate and its legal expertise, you will receive a legal opinion (Legal due diligence), is a serious legal document that describes all the risks associated with the acquisition of the property.

Preliminary content of the document “Legal due diligence”

  • Information on the legal conclusions.
  • Information about the seller.
  • The legal history of the property.
  • Legal analysis of the legality of transactions with the property. Conclusions.
  • Legal analysis of the legality of the creation of the property.


  • Legal analysis of the rule of law in the real estate seller.


  • Legal analysis of the encumbrances and restrictions on the use of the property.
  • Summarizing the findings and analysis of the possible consequences of the acquisition of the property.
  • Recommendations regarding the acquisition of the property and risk reduction.

Business registration

  • registration of business entities
  • charter amendment
  • buying and selling of stocks and shares
  • commercial contract
  • bankruptcy
  • tax advice, accounting
  • tax disputes, debt collection

Contract (consulting and developing)

Development of any commercial agreements: purchase and sale, merger, acquisition, lease, subcontract. Checking partner. Analysis of the existing contract with the conclusion of the expert.

Notary services and translations

Consultation on legislation Spain